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The place for the highest quality fan art of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Here is the home of the top-notch, best OCs the fandom has to offer. Welcome to the ranks of The Elite of the Clans.

This group's former founder was Clutter-Bug. She was the one who started it all!

Donate at EliteOfClans-Donate to help us achieve a super group and fund our contests.
Founded 5 Years ago
Jul 12, 2012


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Warrior Cats

561 Members
541 Watchers
23,998 Pageviews
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:star: :bulletgreen: :star: :bulletgreen: :star: :bulletgreen: :star: :icontheeliteoftheclans: :star: :bulletgreen: :star: :bulletgreen: :star: :bulletgreen: :star:

Hello fellow Warriors fans! You have now entered TheEliteOfTheClans, where the name says it all. This is the home and gathering place for the very best fan art and OC's that DeviantART has to offer. Don't be shy! Come on and join! If you have any questions at all, please contact any of the administrators and we'll be glad to help ^^ Hit that join button and be welcomed among the ranks of the elite of the clans...

We have big plans for this group! Help us reach Super status by donating to this page EliteOfClans-Donate.

:star: :star: :star: Submission Rules:star: :star: :star:

:bulletgreen: OC's
:bulletgreen: Canon characters
:bulletgreen: Comics
:bulletgreen: Complete literature, including chapters of fanfiction and poems.
:bulletgreen: Animations or links to animations to other sites (such as MAP, AMV, etc.)
:bulletgreen: Detailed icons
:bulletgreen: Tutorials, memes, character charts, draw this again, etc.

:bulletred: Adoptables, Your Character Here (besides completed ones), or anything you're selling
:bulletred: Humans or any humanoid cats
:bulletred: Cats with accessories besides collars. No jewelry, humanized hair, or human accessories. This also includes cats with unnatural fur colors, such as pink, blue, or green.
:bulletred: Blank bases or any art using a base
:bulletred: Cats not resembling cats at all
:bulletred: WIP or any unfinished works
:bulletred: Journals advertising yourself or anything
:bulletred: Any advertising at all
:bulletred: Any work that is not your own
:bulletred: We also reserve the right to deny any piece of art that doesn't meet our standards

:star: :star: :star: Group Rules :star: :star: :star:

:bulletblack:1 Join! This group will be great, and will continue to grow with your help!

:bulletgreen:2 Please submit your art, or become a watcher to see the awesome stuff that'll be going into our galleries.
This is a quality-based group, so please submit your best works! Even if your piece is declined, don't take it personally. Instead take it as a challenge to get better! ;P Remember though, please submit things to their proper folders. If you are unsure of where to put it, just submit it to the folder you think it belongs and the admins will move it if necessary, or simply, ask us! :) New pieces are submitted to the Featured folder each month, hand-picked by the admins, so keep an eye out and see if your piece will make it!

:bulletblack:3 Please remember to make your OC's original and to put a lot of thought into them!
Try to make them fit into the Warriors world too, meaning try be light on unnatural colored cats, jewelry, humanized hair, superpowers, ect. They are cats, not some 'advanced' species. Cats from FanClans are allowed.

:bulletgreen:4 No base art, at all! We all know every single one of you is a better artist than that!
Any art submitted using a base will be denied. Bases are okay to edit and get the general idea of what you want a character to look like, but not to submit as your own. If you think your art skills are lacking, don't believe it for a minute! Practice: it's what every successful artist did to get where they are today. Just remember to TAKE YOUR TIME and practice to make good quality art and bring your OC's to life, all of your effort and patience will pay off. :D So, we challenge you to work on original art and submit the best of your abilities to our galleries!

:bulletblack:5 We will under no certain terms allow art thieves!
One of the worst things you can do to an artist is steal their original creations and call them your own. If anyone is caught stealing OC's or fanart, you will be banned. OC's with SIMILAR fur patterns or a similar name is understandable, just remember to make sure you're putting the 'O' in OC when making your character.

:bulletgreen:6 No bullying, flaming, or telling others that their art or characters suck.
It will not, by any means, be tolerated and you will be banned. This is a positive place for fans of the Warriors series and we need your help to keep it that way. :)

:bulletblack:7 No advertising allowed!
Please don't advertise your art on our page or submit something that asks people to view your art. If we accept your art, then that means we like it and, since we are a group that promotes good art, then that means your artwork is great since it is in our galleries! So, in a way, we advertise for you! :D

:bulletgreen:8 Recommend a friend!
Do you know someone who's a really good artist? Feel free to recommend them to this group! We're always looking for new members to join our ranks as the elite!

:bulletblack:9 Have fun!
This group is here for the fans to interact, post art, and talk about this great fandom! Feel free to leave comments, we love your feedback. ;P

:bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: OC Starter Help :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack:

For those of you wanting to make an OC but coming to some road blocks, these sites can help!

Cat Maker Flash
I'm sure most of you have found this flash game already, but for those of you who haven't, check out this wonderful game made by Neikoish! Remember, this tool is great for figuring out what your cat should look like, but we encourage you to only use it as reference and not post it as your own!

Name Generators
Try out these name generators for finding that perfect Warrior name!…

:bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: Erin Hunter News Corner :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: :bulletblack:

Books Coming Soon And New Releases
Warriors: A Vision of Shadows
Shattered Sky - 11 April 2017
Darkest Night - 5 September 2017
Warriors: Super Editions
Tigerheart's Shadow - 5 September 2017
Warriors: Novellas
Spottedleaf's Heart - 11 April 2017
Pinestar's Choice - 11 April 2017
Thunderstar's Echo - 11 April 2017
Legends of the Clans - 11 April 2017
Warriors: Manga
Graystripe's Adventure - 8 August 2017

Survivors: The Gathering Darkness
Into the Shadows - 7 February 2017
Red Moon Rising - 3 October 2017

Broken Pride - 17 May 2017

Warriors Fanfiction and FanClan
For those of you who didn't know, the Erins have a section for posting fanfictions and a fanclan section for RPing directly on their website!…

Warriors Games
Here are some Warriors games on the official site that are pretty fun.
The New Prophecy Quest…
Hunting Game…
Consult StarClan for your Warrior Clan!…
Quiz Yourself!…

Gallery Folders

Talltail and Jake by IsharaHeart
Nice Try by AnnMY
A lovely night [Warrior Cats] by OwlCoat
comm: when the bars were closed by DoctorCritical
Canon Warriors Scenes
Firestar by XxxNightfirexxX
Fire Alone Will Save Our Clan by XxxNightfirexxX
Warrior Cats #032 - Silverstream by Kuroi-Hitsuji
This is not my Clan. by EndlessScreaming
Canon Character Stills
Brightheart by WildDust
Tigerstar by Bobbelebien
Until You Break, Until You Yield by EjayNoir
Trio [DOODLE] by CaptainScourge2017
fire and ashes by Belka-1100
Lovers I by Belka-1100
Love Affairs II by Belka-1100
Love Affairs I by Belka-1100
OC Scenes
My Hurricane by albinoWolf58
Farewell by OwlCoat
Spook | Commission for Wolf-bun by Mythic-Flame
Echo [Commission] by MaishaLyca
OC Stills
Morningsong | Rp Tracker | by ChemicalyInbalanced
We Are One by Jei-Dinofelini
Hareflight by Hareflight
Hareflight by Hareflight

Mature Content

The Ice Colonies [Page 001] by TurtlezSoup
Warriors: Blood and Water - Page 46 by Raven-Kane
LC pg 46 by Luna-ReClipse
Lost Tracks - Chapter 1 - Page 8 by Aogintsu
Book Covers
Into The Wild Cover Re-Draw by KatieR66
Yellow Skies Cover by Sacred-Roses
Warriors:  The Curse -fan cover- by Spottedfire23
The Sun path: cover by FlamyCrystal
Animations and Icons
Warrior Cats| The Last One by DragonWarriorCat
Better Days by Silverfur04
Ashfoot by Hareflight
Stars by Silverfur04
Memes, Tutorials, Etc.
Redtail Improvement by INDUSTRIAL-SURGERY
"Family" - Contest Entries
Leafpool and Jaypaw by Hykura23


Other awesome groups!



Newest Members

Don't judge. I'm late

FIRSTS off, here are our newest submissions to the Featured folder! This month we decided to spread some love! We have Talltail and Jake by IsharaHeart by IsharaHeart, Nice Try by AnnMY by AnnMY, and A lovely night [Warrior Cats] by OwlCoat by OwlCoat.  Congrats to all of the artist! :D Want a chance for your piece to be moved to the Featured folder? See if your art is qualified for our galleries and hope for the best!

SECOND, tons of new information has recently been revealed in terms of Warriors families! So...let's try to consolidate most of these because there's a lot.


Onewhisker and Whitetail
Emberfoot - gray tom with two dark paws and amber eyes
Willowclaw - gray she-cat with green eyes
Born The Darkest Hour……
Rustlepaw - golden tabby tom with a white chest, belly, and green eyes
Drizzlepaw - speckled brown-and-white she-cat with amber eyes
Born Firestar's Quest. Both apprentices died of poisoned rabbits in Moonrise.……

Aspenfall and Plumclaw
Robinwing - light brown she-cat with blue eyes
Runningbrook - light gray tabby she-cat with green eyes
Born before Into the Wild……

Tornear and Sorrelcharm
Tawnyfur - golden brown she-cat with yellow eyes
Born before Rising Storm and died against BloodClan in The Darkest Hour…

Crowfur and Larksplash
Webfoot - dark gray tabby tom with yellow eyes
Whitetail - white she-cat with green eyes
Born before Fire and Ice and Webfoot died in The Last Hope……
Gorsetail (NP) - tawny tom with green eyes
Nightcloud - black she-cat with amber eyes
Born Firestar's Quest……

Gorsetail and Robinwing
Owlwhisker - light brown tabby tom with green eyes
Weaselfur - ginger tom with white paws and blue eyes
Born Midnight. Owlwhisker died against the Dark Forest and Weaselfur died by a dog in Bramblestar's Storm.……

Pigeonwing and Runningbrook
Thistlepaw - gray-and-white she-cat with long spiky fur and green eyes
Cranberrykit - bracken-colored she-cat with green eyes
Gorsetail (P3) - mottled, very pale, gray and white she-cat with blue eyes
Born before Dawn. Thistlepaw died defending Gorsepaw (Gorsetail) from a badger in the new territory. Gorsetail's daughter, Thistleheart, is named after her. Cranberrykit died by eating poisoned rabbits in Moonrise.………

Flylight and Willowclaw
Antpelt - brown tom with one black ear, amber eyes
Leaftail - very dark ginger tabby tom with amber eyes
Born Midnight……

Tornear and Thrushwing
Dewspots - spotted gray she-cat with green eyes
Born Dawn…

Loudbelly and Dawnbright
Whiteclaw - dark brown tom with one white paw and amber eyes
Born before Into the Wild. Died in Fire and Ice.…
Voletooth - brown tabby tom with orange eyes
Stonestream - gray tom with blue eyes
Splashpaw - white she-cat with ginger tabby patches and blue eyes
Born before Dawn. Voletooth starved in Fading Echoes. Stonestream lost a leg trying to save Splashpaw from a Twoleg net and had to retire early. Splashpaw drowned.………

Whitefang and Petaldust
Swallowtail - very dark brown tabby she-cat with green eyes
Born Firestar's Quest.…

Frogleap and Mosspelt
Willowshine - very pale gray tabby she-cat with green eyes
Born Midnight…

Voleclaw and Dawnflower
Pebblefoot - mottled pale gray tom with yellow eyes
Minnowtail - dappled dark gray-and-white she-cat with amber eyes
Tumblekit - black tabby she-cat with green eyes
Born Unknown. Pebblefoot drowned in Bramblestar's Storm and Tumblekit was killed by Twoleg poison in Dawn.………

Grasswhisker and Mallowtail
Beechfur (RC) - light brown tom with green eyes
Rippletail (RC) - dark gray tabby tom with yellow eyes
Born before Twilight. Rippletail was killed by a beaver in The Fourth Apprentice.……

Heavystep and Vixentail
Graymist - pale gray tabby she-cat with green eyes
Otterheart - dark brown she-cat with yellow eyes
Born between series 2 and 3. Graymist died of greencough after The Last Hope.……

Reedwhisker and Swallowtail
Rainstorm - mottled blue-gray tom with bright blue eyes
Mintfur - light gray tabby tom with orange eyes
Born between series 2 and 3.……

Reedtail and Skyheart
Icewing - pure white she-cat with blue eyes
Pinefur - brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes
Duskfur - brown tabby she-cat with green eyes
Born between series 2 and 3.………

Nightwhisper and Darkflower
Kinkfur - dark gray tabby she-cat with yellow eyes
Born before Midnight. Died of yellowcough in Thunder and Shadow.…
Pouncetail (SC) - dark brown tabby tom with yellow eyes
Born in Dawn. Dies of greencough in Bramblestar's Storm.…

Cedarheart and Nightwing
Smokepaw (NP) - dark gray tom with green eyes
Talonpaw - silver tabby tom with white front paws and amber eyes
Smokepaw is killed by falling to his death in Dawn and Talonpaw is killed by kittypets in Twilight.……

Wolfstep and Fernshade
Whitewater - white she-cat with one blind eye and one orange eye
Ivytail - black, white and tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes
Born in Dawn. Whitewater dies of old age in Bramblestar's Storm. Ivytail dies of the flood in Bramblestar's Storm.……

Smokefoot and Tangleburr
Crowfrost - black and white tom with amber eyes
Spiderfoot - gray tom with black front paws and blue eyes
Born between series 2 and 3. Crowfrost dies of yellowcough in Thunder and Shadow. Spiderfoot is killed by Webfoot in Eclipse during the big battle.……

Tribe of Rushing Water
Rock Beneath Still Water and Flight of Startled Heron
Pebble That Rolls Down Mountain - pale gray she-cat with blue eyes
Screech of Angry Owl - black tom with orange eyes
Splash When Fish Leaps - light brown tabby she-cat with orange eyes………

Sheer Path Beside Waterfall and Star that Shines on Water
Swoop of Chestnut Hawk - dark ginger she-cat with yellow eyes
Moss that Grows by River - light brown she-cat with green eyes……
Swoop is killed by an eagle in Sign of the Moon.

Scree Beneath Winter Sky and Wing Shadow Over Water
Storm Clouds at Dusk - dark gray tom with blue eyes…


THIRD, let's welcome our newest members! :clap:
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